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"Individuals who don't have large annual health care costs can profit from switching to HSA accounts," says JoAnn Laing, author of the forthcoming book “The Consumer Guide to HSAs.”
Open Season: A Look at Health Insurance
Selection Time
Health Savings Accounts Are Tempting But Mostly Untested
Comb Through Your Bills. Being an effective health-care consumer means understanding the bills and statements that you get after a doctor's visit. To do that you'll need to educate yourself on exactly what procedures you need, what your plan covers and what it doesn't.
Medical Expenses are low for most of us. This chart shows Annual Medical Expenses for the United States population by percentage:
Health Savings Accounts were one of the topics discussed by President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry in the third presidential debate on Wednesday, October 13 at Tempe, Arizona.

First results from ongoing surveys by Small Business Digest

For more details on what's qualified and how to calculate deductions, see IRS Publication 502 ( or contact a qualified tax advisor.
Comparison of Consumer Driven Healthcare Accounts: HSA, HRA, FSA

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