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In another step towards electronic management of patient records and interchange between healthcare providers, the IRS has ruled that hospitals can subsidize physicians who want to create an electronic patient record management system.
As a company makes the decision to add or switch entirely to a health savings account (HSA) combined with a high deductible health plan (HDHP) from a more traditional plan (HMO/PPO), there are several steps that they can take to ease the transition and help their employees become excited, rather than fearful.
Exante Financial Services has launched three new Health Savings Account (HSA) designs tailored to meet consumers’ individual health care financial needs.
For those considering retirement, before or after age 65, there are a number of important healthcare considerations.  What happens with your employer health benefits when you retire? If you retire early, will you have health insurance to cover you until age 65 when Medicare takes over? Will you need Medicare supplement insurance to cover any gaps in Medicare coverage after age 65? What healthcare needs might not be covered by Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance or your retiree health insurance?
Looking for another way to benefit from tax breaks on saving for retirement? Recent changes to HSAs are now making them an even better way to save for later in life.
Proponents of health savings accounts and their mandatory high-deductible health insurance plans have come out swinging against a study concluding that the plans cost women about $1,000 more per year than men.  Advisers recognize that women often have greater out-of-pocket expenses than men under high-deductible plans, but that is not stopping them from recommending the plans and HSAs to both sexes when appropriate.
In a clear challenge to Health Savings Accounts and private insurance measures, a bill has been introduced in the Senate and House to extend healthcare coverage to all Americans from birth to death.

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