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Often times, it is not the initial cost of a company’s healthcare program but the ongoing premiums over time that sink many firms into a morass of expenses they did not anticipate.
As the first quarter winds down, the CDHC marketplace in general and HSAs in particular are showing remarkable growth in a transitional year.
The nation’s preoccupation with healthcare premium costs and plan usage has sparked a rising interest in just how individuals purchase and use their policies.
In another bid to make health-care costs more transparent, the Bush Administration is expected announce plans to publicize the prices the government's health programs pay hospitals and physicians for common medical procedures.
In a major breakthrough for small business healthcare users, Congress is close to approving a bill permitting nationwide associations to purchase insurance.
Data compiled from initial respondents to latest survey
With the nation’s corporations transitioning from all-encompassing corporate sponsored health and retirement benefits, portability and control are becoming more important for Health Savings Account (HSA) users.
Metavante Corporation, the financial technology subsidiary of Marshall & Ilsley Corporation has announced that it has expanded its Healthcare Payments Solutions division with the addition of the recently completed AdminiSource acquisition. AdminiSource provides healthcare payment distribution services to insurance carriers and healthcare organizations.

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