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By merging ordinary technology such as cell phones and personal computers with sophisticated web-based applications, Mosaic Health Solutions has created a new online health tracking system that allows users to more effectively and efficiently manage their personal health.
Direct to consumer marketing of diagnostic imaging is creating increased awareness, but few consumers are aware of the risks associated with these procedures. MedSolutions, specializing in radiology management services for nearly 25 million individuals nationwide, recommends that all patients ask five basic questions before having a medical scan.
There is industry-wide concern regarding the collective impact of waste, fraud and abuse upon the overall cost of care, as well as patient exposure to radiation, after sobering reports found that almost half a billion radiological procedures will be performed annually by 2008.  MedSolutions, providing radiology management services for nearly 25 million individuals nationwide, points out that high tech, high price imaging costs are growing faster than pharmacy drug expenditures, with low-tech imaging representing one of the most fertile areas for abuse.
In the clamor on healthcare from the nation’s lawmakers, elites and media “gurus,” one fact is being ignored---Health Savings Accounts are a grass roots phenomenon.
Some long-awaited Health Savings Account guidance for employers is expected from the IRS.
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have had varying levels of adoption when taken on a state-by-state but are approaching 5% of all healthcare insurance users on a nation-wide basis, according to an analysis by Information Strategies, Inc. (ISI).
While pundits have praised CDH as a means to reduce healthcare costs, it has yet to impact the overall trend towards higher family expenditures.

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