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As a river bed widens, the current slows but the underlying power of the water’s surge does not diminish.
Continuing the trend to more integrated Health Savings Account (HSA) offerings, Benefitfocus will launch an integrated product with HSA Bank(TM).
Confirming a trend towards more individualized health insurance pay rates, a new health-care poll indicates growing U.S. support for charging higher insurance premiums or out-of-pockets medical costs to people with unhealthy lifestyles.
While pundits have praised CDH as a means to reduce healthcare costs, it has yet to impact the overall trend towards higher family expenditures.
In its annual survey of the HRA/HSA Market ACS/Mellon reported small but growing enrollment fueled by rising cost of health care coverage.  At the same time, the group had significant information about CDH for employers.

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