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Countering recent yearly double-digit rate increases, the latest surveys seem to indicate a slowing during 2005.
Based on administration budget estimates, more than 12.5 million Americans will be utilizing HSAs by 2008.
Within five years, six million individuals and families will be using HSAs to put aside more than $79 billion in savings according to the latest analysis by the Bush administration.
Human resource leaders are clamoring for the new HR Vendor Guide being offered by a Florida publishing company.
In an attempt to soft-pedal the full impact of HSAs on the budget, the Bush administration is apparently reducing the tax collection impact over the next six years. Right now, healthcare related tax breaks are among the highest of all categories, with HSAs estimated at about the 15th tier.
Individuals not enrolled in public or private health plans would be eligible for a tax credit up to $3,000 if President Bush’s proposal is adopted.
Are health savings accounts good medicine?

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