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American Chartered Bank will begin offering mutual fund investment options to complement its Health Savings Account (HSA) program.
The outgoing Republican congress enacted a series of changes in Health Savings Accounts aimed at accelerating their growth, which was substantial in the third quarter of this year.
There have been growing reports that are attempting to equate Consumer Directed Health (CDH) plans with unfunded high deductibles in an effort to reduce participation in these types of plans or show why consumers want to think twice before signing up.   However, the reality is that CDH enrollment is booming.
Driven by private sector efforts to build products and services to give consumers more information and decision making power, a respected think tank believes growth will continue despite lawmaker disinterest in the next congress.
Aon Consulting today released a research brief confirming the long-term positive impact of consumer-directed health (CDH) care. Among the findings, this research brief (which can be found at ) shows that when health promotion and wellness programs are integrated with an overall CDH plan, members are positively motivated to modify behavior.
In the growing field of healthcare organizers, add “Doclopedia".
During this open enrollment season, many of the larger analyst firms are releasing new data on the costs of healthcare and the trends that are being seen in the industry.
Aon Consulting recently conducted a survey of over 90 health insurers with over 100 million members.  The study concluded:
One way that any business, small or large, can help reduce the costs of their healthcare is to create and promote a wellness program for their employees.  These programs can help employees make healthier lifestyle choices, such as about what they eat, getting enough exercise, and reduce other problematic behaviors like smoking or drinking.
The number of banks that offer health savings accounts has more than tripled since the end of 2005, the Wall Street Journal reports. Market-research firm Information Strategies found that nearly 1,100 banks now offer HSAs, which allow consumers to set aside money tax-free for medical expenses when combined with a high deductible health insurance plan. According to the Journal, the "abundance of new HSA offerings is triggering competition that is helping to push fees lower and expanding the options for consumers to invest their savings."
Employers of all sizes continue to see rising costs for group medical coverage on account renewals, though the increases for the largest accounts tend to be lower than for small and medium accounts, according to the fall Employee Benefits Market Survey by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers.

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